• Quality policy Technological innovation,pursue excellence, quality first,customer priority

  • Intention Fight for hardly,never give up

  • Marketing philosophyDo business,establish a monument,make a friend,create a market,ethic is more important than products.

  • Developing concept Market first,profit second,inner stability, outer strong

  • Talent concept Everyone is a talent, not race horses

  • After service concept Our service never complete as long as the product in customers

Dongya’s Eight-honor and eight-shame

Honor to those who love Dongya, and shame on those who do harm to it. 

Honor those who sincerity service, and shame on those who deceive customers

Honor those who are tolerant and modest, and shame on those who are arrogant and imperious

Honor those who work diligently, and shame on those who live a life of leisure and are disgust with working. 

Honor those who help each other, and those who think only of themselves. 

Honor those who has professional skills, and shame on those who make no effort to seek progress

Honor those who Follow the procedures, and shame on those who violate the factory regulations

Honor those who save costs, and shame on those who are wallowing in pleasure and luxury

The three styles of work: 

hardworking, fighting, and Promising